Dedicated to the two English singer-songwriters Adele and Florence + The Machine
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Bush Hall | 2008

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Florence Welch + Smiling

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Just jammin’.


Just jammin’.

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Adele of course is like..the shit. She’s like, the greatest. I mean everybody loves her man, and, y’know.. I’m not always a fan of loving what everybody else loves but she’s just so good. I just appreciate her like, having such good quality music and it being so soulful and real like, she didn’t have to compromise her sound in anyway like it’s just all the way…it reminds me of motown shit like, the same vibe, the same quality. She’s not sampling, she’s not doing anything man it’s just all her. So, she’s definitely probably the most talented musician out right now.

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Florence + The Machine at Rock in Rio 2013

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